Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Figure drawing--first semester

I kept forgetting to post my figure drawings so, this is going to be a huge, steamy dump. Put on your goolashes.
(and do you think you could help me pick out which of these pieces to take with me to national portfollio day? My CSSSA drawings are options too, but I don't really like them anymore. I'm just not sure of what to bring with me)

india ink

got into some lisa-franky stuff at the end there

pointalism and cross-hatching. Outside mid-term

both from the first day

I think this one's my favorite

She was like a polar bear, laying in the sun! My favorite model :)

yes, no, maybe so? I'm thinking no.

This was how I felt in figure drawing class

She looked just like my fifth grade teacher!

My teacher said this was my best of the semester. I don't think I agree

He had some dirty feet!

Your advice on what to bring would be greatly appreciated!

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