Thursday, January 14, 2010

My costumes

Now that I've finished my second costume, I figured I'd make a post showing my more recent creative adventures!

First: Suki

The armor and headpiece are made primarily from craft foam. Fun stuff to work with! :D This costume won best construction at Sac-Con winter 2009

Second costume: Princess Yue (just debuted this past weekend)

My friend Kim is cosplaying Suki here (The same character I previously costumed, but in fire nation disguise) while I am Yue :D

The fur is fake. The designs on the gloves, shoes, and dress were all beaded by hand. the hair bobbles are ceramic. You can't really see them here, but I even made mocasins to go with it. The beautiful fish plushie was made by my wonderfully talented sister! To get your very own, see her other creations, or order your own custom plushie, visit her website at!

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